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About Us

The founding team of Pullen Place is Sarig Agasi, Steve Mangano, and Holly Taylor. We are parents of children ages two to eighteen who love calling Raleigh home and are thrilled to be partnering with the City to provide fresh, affordable food to Pullen Park guests.  We share a common belief in great food, local producers, a responsible approach to business, and the importance of healthy, reasonably priced food for everyone.

We all have had a variety of hospitality related experiences, with Sarig leading the way as Executive Chef and co-owner of  Zely & Ritz, a leading restaurant in farm-to-table dining.

As founders, our approach is to honor the legacy of Pullen Park and provide park visitors with more than just a convenient option, but a popular one that they are excited to frequent and proud to have in their treasured park. We want Pullen Place to be a destination for individuals and families who want great food in a wonderful setting.

As owners we will continue to look at opportunities to help make a positive impact on the local food movement, especially where it addresses children’s health. We are active members of Advocates for Health in Action and other community-based organizations.

We thank you for your support. For more information about each partner and their vision for Pullen Place please click on a name below.

Sarig Agasi - see what Pullen Place means to Sarig

Sarig Agasi
Creating delicious food for my customers and supporting local suppliers is my passion.  I am excited about the opportunity to bring this vision to Pullen Park – it’s more challenging but will be even more rewarding.  I have three teen-aged children and one will be swimming at the Pullen Aquatic Center this winter.  I know my son, like many others, will be glad to have a quick healthy option in the area for busy nights after practice.  I would like Pullen Place to become a gathering spot where kids and adults can enjoy fresh, tasty, local, affordable food together.  I hope to raise the bar for what people expect when they think of concessions and take the whole concept to a new level.


Holly Taylor - read about Holly's hopes for what Pullen Place can offer the community

Holly Taylor
I come from a long line of cooks and food lovers.  I believe that sharing food is a powerful way to bring people together and that everyone deserves the opportunity to eat fresh, delicious foods at affordable prices.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  This belief and reality motivated me to start Collective Roots, a nonprofit that provides children and families in East Palo Alto, CA with regular opportunities to grow, prepare, and share healthy foods together.  I learned so much in my seven years with the organization, but most of all that kids love to eat veggies when they are served in a fun and thoughtful way.  I am thrilled to be a part of Pullen Place and hope it will be a catalyst for expanding access to good food, in all senses of the word, to residents of Raleigh and beyond.