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Our Story

At Pullen Place, we believe everyone should have access to affordable, local, healthy, and most importantly, delicious food. What better place to serve our community than at Pullen Park, where we hope to make our food & service just as fun as a ride on the carousel!

We aim to give customers what they want, but to do it a little differently. If your kids like mac and cheese – we have it – and it’s not a blue cheese version they would never eat or something poured out of a box and mixed with a powdered substance. Our mac & cheese, like most of the items on our menu, is made in-house and features locally sourced ingredients – milk and hoop cheese in this case. Want a good burger? We have it. Hotdog? Check. Popcorn? We have that too. And, to wash it all down, we have fresh squeezed lemonade and house-brewed iced teas. If you have a sweet tooth, you can satisfy it with one of our freshly prepared desserts.

In addition to our core menu, many of our offerings are seasonal. Don’t miss our unique specials because you’ll probably have to wait a whole year for the next chance to get them again. Come often to see what’s new.

We also spice things up with tasty treats from around the world that we’ve come to love and think you will too. Try a great Bahn Mi (Vietnamese pork sandwich – trust us, it is awesome), hummus (our kids love this stuff – and it’s very healthy), or an Italian vegetarian sandwich (you will not believe how great this is). The list goes on.

All seating is outside, which will add an element of adventure to dining with us. You’ll have to bring a raincoat some days, dress warmly others, and make the most of the shade our umbrellas provide on the hottest days of summer – but we’re confidant it will be worth your while.

If you’re in a hurry, we offer some great take-away items. So if you are in the area (Have swim practice at the aquatic center? Taking a class at the art center? Have tickets to a game at State? Late for a concert at the Amphitheater?), you can pick up a meal to enjoy at the park or take with you. Either way, you’ll be able to scratch dinner off your to-do list for the night.

Our innovative approach isn’t limited to our menu. We are partnering with the Inter-faith Food Shuttle, a local nonprofit that has been pioneering transformative solutions to end hunger in our community since 1989. We will buy produce from the Inter-faith Food Shuttle Farms which will support their innovative programs. Additionally, we will provide graduates of their Culinary Training program with opportunities to complete an externship at Pullen Place. We look forward to expanding this partnership and working with other organizations in the years to come.

We are also committed to providing our customers with great service.  We strive to minimize wait times, accept all credit and debit cards, and plan to add remote ordering – which means you can order your picnic lunch before you ride the train and it will be ready for pick up when you get off. How great will that be!  

The best part about eating at Pullen Place though, is that before and after your great meal, you can enjoy all that Pullen Park has to offer – from walking the extensive grounds or resting under the shade of an old oak tree to taking a pedal boat ride on the pond and riding on the vintage carousel or miniature train.  Where else can you spend a day with your kids, go on a date, show your out-of-town visitors a good time or see your grandparents smile like a kid again?  There’s something for everyone!